welcome to 340 fairfax

my name is don hamrick of custom homes by hamrick.

in 1999, my wife, sandee and i were planning our dream home on belews lake. 

as an experienced trim carpenter i've worked in dozens of custom homes. i’ve seen the best of the best - elaborate moldings, hand scraped hardwood floors, italian marble showers big enough for a compact car, custom cabinets with granite and quartz counter tops and stainless steel appliances.

although the neiman marcus flair gave the illusion of quality, peaking behind the drywall always told a different story. as long as nobody could see it, quality was unpredictably inconsistent.

pretty stuff was easy for me. but i was determined to build a different way.

don’t misunderstand me. a pleasing floor plan with architectural features reflecting our personalities was imperative. but I knew something was wrong when a chandelier in the grand foyer cost more than the heating and cooling system.

sandee and i wanted our home to enrich our lives by improving our health.  we wanted a home that was exceptionally comfortable while using just a fraction of the energy compared to a typical new home. plus, we wanted it to be sustainable and easy to maintain. i knew those qualities offered greatest potential to improve our quality of life, even if nobody sees them.

fast forward to 2017.  we’ve thoroughly enjoyed our home at belews lake. after living there, we can both say we could never be happy in an ordinary house, even with the neiman marcus “eye candy”.

i also adopted quality “beneath the skin” as my standard and have built over 80 homes being faithful to that conviction.

but a lot has changed in 16 years. the kids are grown and now sandee and i are grandparents. so we’re downsizing and moving closer to town.

my passion for excellence is stronger than ever and I’ve worked tirelessly to do an even better job on our second dream home at 340 fairfax.

340 fairfax is designed and built to nurture and support better health and wellness, provide natural comfort, use about 80% less energy and still be around for a couple more generations for the great grand kids in 100 years or so. 

i would love to share the vision Sandee and I developed for 340 fairfax with your family. please visit us during our open weekends or contact us to make an appointment.

i guarantee you've never seen a house like this before.


welcome to 340 fairfax. 

-- Don --

don hamrick

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