340 Fairfax Rd  --- Comments from the designer

 “Creativity is intelligence having fun.”    Albert Einstein

The ultimate success of any building project is determined by the talent, attitude and preparation of the builder team.  From his years of experience, first as a trim carpenter, evolving into a custom builder, Don Hamrick has assembled a top-notch design team and unrivaled trade partners. The design team is is an extraordinary mix innovation, skill and know how. -- Led by Don Hamrick,  the team includes, Danny Gough, Building Science Consultant, June DeLugas, Interior Designer and me, Randy Barfield, The home's Designer.

The keys to successful design are “start early, identify the obstacles and create a simplistic path to reach the destination. 340 Fairfax Road had some interesting challenges facing the design team.

First of all, there was a considerably large drain tile running straight through the middle of the building site. A 4 ft. diameter concrete pipe managed a substantial amount of the water runoff for the neighborhood. Our choices were to dig it up and reroute it or leave it undisturbed and design around it. Ultimately we determined the less disruptive path for the neighborhood was to design around it.

Secondly, the side yard properly lines were askew from the street. If we used a conventional rectangle box footprint, views from the living room windows would squarely focus on the neighbors yard. With a nice big back yard, that plan didn’t appeal to anyone. So we created a façade that parallels the street to fit seamlessly into the existing neighborhood.

Health, comfort and energy efficiency are mandatory for Don and Sandee. Working closely with Danny Gough we came up with a prototype wall assembly, triple glass windows and radiant floor heating to address their needs.

My architectural, space planning and detailed construction drawings start us in right direction. Then Danny creates detailed mechanical drawings with thorough specifications. But it doesn’t stop there. Our team is involved every step of the way offering on site direction and assistance to make our design a reality.


In the end, Don’s Team Professionals performed wonderfully and June performed her incredible magic to make us all look good.

Once inside, a circular foyer was incorporated to naturally balance the transition from the street elevation, to a slight 20-degree angle that follows the side yard property line.  The circular design extends to the second floor to create even more uniqueness.

As with anything new or different, the more information we provide, the better chance of success. Without proper direction, even the best trade partners can easily swerve off track

340 Fairfax is truly an stunning home with all the elements of uncompromising quality inside and out, as well as beneath the drywall and underneath the hood.

Welcome Home Don and Sandee.  It has been a pleasure.


And this project was a LOT of fun!