- water heating -

a Rinnai tankless gas heater will supply the hot water needs at 340 fairfax.


the Rinnai heater has an energy factor (EF) of .95.

this means it generates 95¢ of heat from every $1 of natural gas used.

since heating water is usually

second only to heating and cooling

energy, getting the maximum out of

every dollar is important to us.

the heater also uses sealed

combustion, which is a much safer
combustion process than what is
used with conventional gas water


tankless water heaters are often
referred to as instantaneous. and
they do provide fairly instant hot
water at the outlet of the heater.


but our Rinnai heater is installed in
the garage. that’s some 55 feet
from the master shower. so there
is nothing instant about us getting
hot water to that shower. as a
matter of fact, it takes about 45
seconds just before it starts getting

in addition to being aggravating, waiting for hot water wastes a lot of water. the average family of four can waste 11,000 gallons of water a year waiting for hot water to reach showers and faucets. larger custom homes with longer piping can waste even more.

sandee and I don’t like wasting stuff, especially natural resources. to cut water waste and get hot water quicker, we used an “On Demand” system.

the Demand system uses a motion sensor installed in each bathroom. when the sensor sees motion, a circulator is energized. the circulator pushes the cold water out of the piping and returns it to the water heater. the cold water is replaced with hot water. when the tap is opened; there should be less than a couple cups of water wasted before hot water arrives. once the piping is charged with hot water, a temperature sensor shuts the circulator off.


here is a piping diagram showing the structured plumbing layout our designer

Demand recirculation is a win win for both water waste and energy savings!